Hi, I’m Devyn Denton.

I’ve spent my whole life in Edmond and in service to Edmond, as an EMT, a volunteer firefighter, a teacher, and a nurse. My love for this community has kept me here, and it’s Edmond that’s nurtured my family, my business, and my commitment to help others. Through my work locally, I’ve had an opportunity to see all sides of Edmond and meet many of its residents, sometimes in the worst moments of their lives. Though my volunteerism, I’ve been privileged to see the people of this city at their very best.

That special spirit—our commitment to each other as neighbors—is just one of the many things I’ve found in Edmond to inspire me. After serving on the board of two national nursing organizations, it’s what led me to build my consulting practice here, as well as start a non-profit that operates both locally and abroad, assisting nurses and others during times of natural disaster and recovery. I’ve been given so much, and it’s important to me to give back—to keep finding ways to support and improve the lives of others.

I believe in community. I believe in service. I believe in Edmond.

Let’s keep growing together. That’s what I’m about.