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Putting people first.


Traffic & Public Transit


As neighbors, we know traffic is a major issue in Edmond.  

Our City Council should prioritize low-cost, common sense improvements to our public transit system—the kinds of efficient and effective changes that will improve the quality of life for all of those who share Edmond’s roads.  If elected, I will actively seek increased funding at all levels of government for street improvements in the areas where we need it most.

Another way we can solve our traffic problems is to increase use of public transportation. I believe that City Council can better advertise the fantastic (and free!) public transit options available in Edmond, but that isn’t enough. Accessibility matters, and many of our bus stops lack benches and shelters, making them difficult to use for the elderly, or when the weather is bad. I will push to make the kinds of improvements that will improve access and comfort for all of our public transit users.


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to drive a single-occupant car annually


The annual average cost for public transportation for one adult ranges from 


depending on distance, mileage, and service

Source: Edmond CityLink


People-First City Planning


The people of Edmond are part of what make our city such a special place to live.

It’s crucial that City Councilmembers work with the public when determining the direction of Edmond’s future. Our leaders should actively seek the input of residents before and during the planning process, listening to their stated needs when crafting the policies that will guide our growth. It’s vital that we as a community stand up for policies protecting residential neighborhoods, while encouraging commercial and industrial interests that bring value to Edmond’s citizens and local businesses. 

Additionally, we can make use of resources we already have to keep Edmond growing. Unused land around town, instead of lying fallow, can be put to work as community gardens—public garden programs not only feed the hungry, provide nutritional education, and improve neighborhoods, but allow us to pass on our historic agricultural skills to future generations, all while promoting healthy lifestyles, healthy work ethics, and healthy families.


Edmond Population

as our town grows over time, we have to make smarter decisions that lead to better lives for all our residents here in edmond.

Source: Edmond Plan IV, City of Edmond, 2007


Local Services & Infrastructure


Local services matter, it seems, now more than ever.

Reliable and high quality education and health services, in particular, are the backbone of a thriving community. As a nurse and teacher, I have the experience and know how to improve these and other important local services in Edmond—my track record of service demonstrates that I will work hard to implement meaningful changes that will better our community’s quality of life.

One change I’d suggest as City Councilmember is a Shop Local Initiative. Encouraging commerce within Edmond will strengthen our sales tax base, providing additional support for necessary city services, like street repair, parks, libraries, and our first responders. Additionally, this kind of initiative will provide an economic boost to our favorite local industries and restaurants, encouraging the progress of existing businesses, while incentivizing the development of new ones.

It’s just one more way I hope to help Edmond become an even better place to grow.

building a stronger future starts with our local services today.


Join me in making Edmond an even better place to live, work, learn, and grow.